Sainsbury's Chop Chop rebrand


As we had proven to the business that Chop Chop was a successful proposition and was showing continued growth, we decided to look at how we could leverage the Sainsbury’s master brand to help the service grow further.


Brand architecture

The brand architecture positioned Chop Chop as a sub brand of Sainsbury’s, with its own distinct branding and look & feel with minimal reference to the Sainsbury’s master brand.

I worked closely with the Sainsbury’s brand team to identify whether Chop Chop should sit as a fulfilment option similar to Click & Collect, or a distinct Sainsbury’s service like Sainsbury’s Bank or Sainsbury’s Local.

sainsburys brand positioning.png

Possible name change

Insight from previous user testing sessions told us that ‘Chop Chop’ did not resonate well with a lot of customers. We decided to look at the possibility of changing the name of the service as part of the rebrand, looking at whether we could find a name that greater reflected the speed and delivery aspect of the service, helping eliminate the education piece around what the service actually offers.

We tested 5 naming options with 100 people and asked what they thought the name of service they were shown was offering. The responses were collected via a free input text field which allowed me to collect a rich pool of genuine opinions.

naming results.jpg

The business decided that there would be more value in retaining the name that existing customers are familiar with over changing the name, even though the results showed that Chop Chop did not test well.


New Branding

logo-stacked copy.png