Copy of Sainsbury's Chop Chop

Sainsbury's Chop Chop

The expansion of a 60 minute delivery service for Sainsbury's



In January 2017 I joined a project team dedicated to creating a new service for Sainsbury’s that delivers up to 25 items in less than 60 minutes. Since March 2017 I have been the sole product designer on the project, helping the team take the proposition out of trial, rolling out to 5 stores covering all of London zones 1 & 2 which included a brand refresh. More recently we have rebranded the service to bring it closer to the Sainsbury's master brand.


Design process

The project team partnered with Pivotal Labs to benefit from their experience in Lean startup methodology. We continuously refined our service hypothesis by prototyping and testing rapidly, building and releasing improvements frequently, whilst monitoring the service performance.

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My Role

Working as a Product Designer within a project team of 15 people, I was in charge of conducting research and facilitating all design decisions made on the project.
I work across the customer facing products, including the iOS and Android customer apps, but also on our service management tools (iOS picker app and merchandiser tool website).

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