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Google Pay on Chop Chop


On 28th October 2017, myself and a few of members of the Chop Chop team were invited to the Google offices in Tottenham Court Road to explore their new payment method which was to replace Android Pay, Google Pay.

By this point we already had Apple Pay live on iOS for quite some time and were seeing good results. We aim to have parity across our iOS and Android apps, so having Android Pay was something we keen on doing but due to the complexity and time it would take to implement, it got pushed back to make way for other features. Google informed us that Google Pay was a lot easier to implement than Android Pay so we re prioritised the Android backlog to get started on it.


How we did it

how we did it.jpg



Previous payment method split

payment split before.jpg

Current payment method split

payment split after.jpg

Reduced average time at checkout by:


Checkout exit rate reduced by:



Featured on the Google Pay website

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Tom Springall